Greetings everyone!

We wish to appologize for the issues which have been around for the webpage.

There are still some gliltches and we are working on getting them fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

WorldTree Community


26 June, 2017 The Tribal Journeys 2017 Page is now up and running. The Go Fund Me page is linked on there now as well.


05 May, 2016 ... A few of the pages have had some work done to them. The Community Vines page has had it's weblinks updated and refurbished. Slow but steady for the progress.


01 May, 2016... The new layout and design are now live. Glitches will be checked for and fixed as time allows. 


13 April, 2016 ... I am attempting to upgrade the webpage platform and am hoping that it will not cause too many issues with anyone coming to the page. This upgrade will be happening over the next week or so and hopefully all the bugs and issues we have been having over the last year will then be resolved. Please bear with us as we go through our growing pains.


January 2016 ... We appologize but we are once again having some glitches with the webpage. Most pages are working fine and available but there seems to be a few remaining which are not being found. Thank you for your patience and understanding.